Thursday, September 14, 2017

Sports drinks matter in sports

Study shows recently that sports drinks can give you a boost in doing fitness activities or fitness workouts. Researchers say that as soon as it hits your mouth, the receptors found inside your mouth send signals to the brain. This doesn’t mean that you just have to rinse it in your mouth and spit it out. Sports drinks help in supplying electrolytes to the body and keeping it hydrated. Drinking water alone can’t satisfy the energy your body needs during a rigid practice session in your sport. Sports drinks also give additional nutrients to the body for you to sustain during the entire session.
If you’re a bodybuilder you should take some time to have sports drink in order for you to endure your bodybuilding activities. It strengthens the muscles in your body and gives metabolic effects. These effects can be more vital when you’re already adding more weights in bodybuilding. As we can see in many sports events, athletes who play longer must have drunk a large volume of sports drink to maintain endurance.
This shows that sports drinks should never be ignored when you’re into sports. It gives you a big push in doing physical activities especially in critical levels like when you’re in a championship game or in other need-to-win situations in sports. This gives athletes an advantage in maintaining high performance during the game. The next time you go for a workout in the fitness center or in the gym for a practice session with your team, you must have brought with you a sports drink to make you pumped up all day!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

North Korea's nuke test grabs global attention

North Korea has just launched a successful underground nuclear test alarming nearby countries including the US. South Korea has raised its alert level due to the North's threat to attack. This brings the UN's immediate response to initiate global action against production of nuclear weapons.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Downsides of being a vegetarian

Being a vegetarian isn’t a bad idea in fact, it is healthy to be like one. In recent studies conducted by Yale University School of Medicine, it is confirmed that there are downsides of vegetarianism. A person specifically a teen or adult, who is currently into vegetable diet, has higher risks to have eating disorders. He or she may have either anorexia or binge eating. While people who have been vegetarians for a long time have high risks of unhealthy weight-control behaviors.
Anorexia or anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder in which you become too thin, but you don’t eat enough because you are fat. On the other hand, binge eating is an out-of-control eating. Doctors today have studied that vegetarianism can lead to serious dietary effects. Teens who are vegetarians have the tendency to use diet pills and laxatives which are harmful to their health. These methods are not because of vegetarianism, but this is due to the person’s behavior to control his or her weight unhealthily.
Dieticians and nutritionists in the US have conducted a research and have found out that a large percentage of former-vegetarian teenagers and adults that they tested used unhealthy methods of weight control or anorexia compared to teens and adults who are not vegetarians. They have also found out that teens and adults who are currently on a vegetable diet have binge eating disorder or out-of-control eating. Researchers also say that adult vegetarians are less likely to be obese compared to other adults who are not vegetarians.
In conclusion, researchers say that it is important to recognize the good sides and bad sides of vegetarian diet for people who are vegetarians especially teenagers.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Overeating treatment revealed

Overeating or binge eating is a serious problem for many people. It can lead to obesity which is not healthy and can be dangerous because of long term health hazards like diabetes and high-blood pressure. But researchers in the National Academy of Sciences in the US have found out that overeating is comparable to drug abuse or addiction. They have studied that “addiction to eating” can be treated similarly to drug addiction treatment.
The researchers from New York have tested seven overweight persons and have put in them a device called implantable gastric simulator or IGS. The weight-reduction device is capable of sending electronic signals to the brain making a person to stop eating. When the volunteers started to feel full, the IGS worked perfectly and the volunteers hesitated to eat more. The test that was conducted gave scientists a hint that overeating can be prevented similarly as drug addiction can be prevented. They found out that a certain part of the human brain that is responsible for sending “addiction” signals to the body is the one who ignites a person to crave for eating as well as to crave for drugs.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Cardio exercise: More effective in weight-losing

If you’re having trouble of losing some weight, then doing some simple cardio exercises is the answer. You don’t have to go to the gym and fitness centers just to engage in body building activities and other unnecessary fitness workouts. You can burn calories in an instant through running, swimming, cycling, and other cardio exercises.
Doing cardio exercises is an effective way of burning fats. It also lowers your cholesterol level and high-blood pressure, keeping your heart in good shape. It keeps away stress too. Doing cardio exercises at least 30 minutes to 1 hour everyday would be beneficial to your overall physical fitness. And if you are consistent in doing this, experts say that you can lose 1 pound or 3,500 calories per week. It would also benefit your health, making you feel healthier than you can ever imagine.
You can also try doing a number of treadmill rounds in the gym or at your own home. Spending some time in elliptical and spinners will also do. But it is much better to spend some time in the morning running a few rounds in a nearby park and doing other cardio workouts with the fresh morning air around.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Low response to alcohol means higher risks to alcoholism

We can say that a person is alcoholic if he is into alcohol addiction or alcoholism. Heavy drinkers are considered as alcoholics because they tend to drink more and get addicted to it. Recently, there has been a study in the US about the main cause of alcohol-use disorders or AUD, as what health experts have termed this. They have found out that a person who has low response or LR to alcohol has higher risks to AUD or to alcohol addiction.
Health experts also point out that teenage alcoholism develops when the person has low LR in the early stage of drinking. Teenagers who have low LR tend to go in peers making them more conducive and receptive to the sensations of alcohol. This must be warning to all fathers whose sons are into heavy alcoholic drinking. They must have identified themselves whether they have low LR in their teenage days for low LR to alcohol comes in the bloodline. LR is genetically influenced, meaning they can be passed on through genes. You can easily determine a person who has low LR. He has little reaction in drinking alcohol meaning he doesn’t get easily drunk. But in a long term consequence, he suffers alcoholism gradually in his life.
Similar to drug addiction or drug abuse, alcoholism also has a lot of predictable negative effects. They can make a person both emotionally and socially disturbed. There are also many health risks involved in alcoholism and one of it is the development of liver-related diseases like cirrhosis and ulcer which are very critical ones. Alcoholism can also lead to the development of liver cancer cells which can eventually lead to death.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Marley and Me

You guys out there who are dog-lovers, this movie is a must-see for you. Maley, a labrador retriever, behaves wildly here and the owners John and Jenniffer Grogan (Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston) still love him. He is just one tough dog. He is not like other dogs who has the time to sit and behave nicely. Marley is a hyper dog who recklessly moves around the house and never stops until you make him stop. Even the dog trainer in the movie surrendered! Nevertheless, he is still the best dog John and Jennifer could ever have. Even when John and Jen is busy in their jobs and eventually made kids, Marley is still there. He is being treated as a brother of John and Jen's three kids. During thick and thins, ups and downs of their life, Marley is stiill a part of them. He served as the first child of John and Jen when they got married. This movie has a sad ending. Thumbs-up for this movie!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Optimizing Websites in the World Wide Web

In the field of Information Technology specifically in web design and development, a website’s life does not only end when it is put online. The functionalities of a website must be further developed to serve its purposes. When search engines emerged in the World Wide Web, another step for website enhancement has been introduced and this is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

SEO entered the field of IT when major search engine companies emerged like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Later, web companies adopted the term SEO from “Search Engine Optimizers” who dedicated themselves to work on SEO. Now what is Search Engine Optimization or SEO? It is the process of improving the quantity or volume of traffic to a website from search engines via organic or algorithmic search results. It involves editing a website’s content and HTML coding to increase its relevance to the indexing activities of search engines. It considers mostly on a website’s keywords, in which these keywords are being entered primarily by the users who are searching the web. Thus, keywords play a very important role in SEO. HTML tags are edited to contain relevant keywords and apparently the overall content of a website.
SEO also focuses on how to improve the overall web design so that search engines will have good impressions on the website. An organized and easy-to-access website is also a must in SEO. Another technique in SEO is the “black hat”, the former being discussed above is the “white hat”. It is named “black hat” because the technique involves unlikely ways of optimizing a website’s visibility in search engines. Keyword stuffing, Spamdexing, Link Farms, and cloaking are some examples of black hat SEO. Websites that are caught implementing black hat SEO’s are penalized and are automatically removed from search engines’ lists.

The results of SEO are greatly beneficial to online websites. Not only it optimizes your website’s overall look and visibility to major search engines, but it also contributes a lot to long-term marketability of your business online.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

A World full of Blogs

In this era of fast advancement in technology, people are also updated to the things that are surrounding them. They find ways to be updated and they use a useful tool called the Internet. In this tool, they somehow travel around the world through a web. A virtual web composed of individual computers connected either through wired or wireless media. Apparently, almost all people nowadays write and read about anything under the sun through the internet. And they write and read in the Internet through Blogs or Blogging.

According to "..A blog is a personal diary. A daily pulpit. A collaborative space. A political soapbox. A breaking-news outlet. A collection of links. Your own private thoughts. Memos to the world.."

Blogs are just websites where you can write whatever you want, show to the world what you think, and make friends or links in the World Wide Web. These are websites personally designed by bloggers to make blogs everyday and have good impressions on visitors. Blogs are open for everyone who surf the Internet. People can comment on specific blogs or send emails. People these days have just found a more reliable way of expressing themselves through blogging. It enabled them to widen their minds and create a portal for freedom of expression and freedom of speech.

The World Wide Web has been reshaped ever since blogs have started. Many people became more fond of blogging. There are also a number of bloggers community websites where they accommodate consistent bloggers who exchange links with each other to create an unlimited network of blogs.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Being on Top in Search Engines

When you are surfing the internet or trying to find something on the web, you just simply type a word in the textbox of and click search. In just a millisecond, a list of related websites is displayed relevant to the thing you are searching for. You just click on the links found at the top of the page because you feel that these links have greater relevance of your search than the ones who are found at the bottom or at the next page of Google’s results. Little did you know that the results produced by Google is ranked using PageRank. The more relevant pages a website has, the greater its chance to top the list of the Search Engine Result page or SERP.

PageRank is a term used by Google’s view on the importance of a certain page of a website. It is not only used by Google alone but also to other major search engines today like Yahoo and MSN. Each of these search engines has their own searching algorithms but relatively they have similarities in ranking websites in the World Wide Web. PageRank makes use of a website’s links, more specifically the inbound links which are the links of a website found on other websites. Websites that are found on the top of search engine results page are most likely the ones who have high PageRanks.

Search engines today don’t just base a website’s importance only on PageRank but also on the quantity of users or visitors a website is receiving every day. User traffic on the web has been given high consideration by search engines. The more popular a website is, the higher its rank on the search results page. Also, older websites who are still online for a very long time have a higher chance to be on top. Younger websites are still blooming and are still on the competition for gaining higher ranks in major search engines. The overall web design of a website also contributes to its PageRank.

In the field of marketing, websites owned by business companies develop a new brand of web development technique called Search Engine Optimization. It specializes on optimizing a website’s overall “attractiveness” to major search engines particularly Google. Through this, a company’s online website will attract more users, making them customers in the long run, and creating a more competitive marketplace on the web.