Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Allegations to Chris Brown?

I was watching TV yesterday when a local news announced something that is very surprising. It says that an R&B superstar was accused of criminal offense, and that is assault. I cannot believe that the 19-year-old, hip-hop, R&B superstar, Chris brown was the one being reported in the news. It was said that Chris surrendered himself to the police and after being interviewed, he was released for $50,000 bond. Could that be possible? This young superstar has never been seen with bad image. He has been the ultimate teen pop icon with a very positive image. No reports about him being accused of some criminal offenses. But now, it was reported that he assaulted a woman. A woman unidentified but the news said that it was his R&B star girlfriend, Rihanna. Well, Rihanna's public speaker said that the young woman was not involved in the incident. Further reports of this controversial issue will truly reveal the who's and what's of the story. But for sure, Chris brown's endorsements and reputation will be affected of this issue.

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