Thursday, February 12, 2015

Entrepreneur: Born or Made?

During our Entrepreneurship 101 class, we were asked to have a debate about whether an entrepreneur is born or made. I belong to the group whose stand is entrepreneurs are made. The group and I made nice moves to attack the other group. I was the prover of the arguments stated by my teammates and also I disproved other statements of the opposing team. Some interesting points that my group sited are: 1.) Entrepreneurs are born, they have the innate desire and drive to pursue entrepreneurship but, THEY NEED TO LEARN. 2.) That their pursuance and passion to go business, is NOT ENOUGH, that they gotta have the knowledge, skills, and training 3.) That these knowledge, skills, and training are obtained from higher education, experiences and other ways in which they can learn.
It has always been a debatable statement of whether an entrepreneur is born or made. But for me, I must say that it is made. Yes, i agree that an entrepreneur gotta have that innate desire or passion to venture into business, but is not the desire that makes him an entrepreneur but the things that made him an entrepreneur like self-experiences and education. These things serve as the molding tools to create a special, well-equipped, confident entrepreneur that will venture out in this competitive, corporate-driven world.

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