Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Post-Valentine's Day

24-hours after Cupid's day, I'm on my way to a friend's birthday party. Old friends I've met and we're enjoying the night filled with Mojitos Tequila, Red Horse Beer, Bailey's and some Emperador Brandy. Whew! I say, that night really made us drunk! That Mojitos Tequila kept the laughing and humor going the whole night. I had my tummy ready for that drinking session. I ate much during the party. We then played NBA 2k9 on XBOX 360 (wow! that was my first time to put my hands on that sweet XBOX 360 gamepad :) ). I let all my worries freed that time, except for one thing - my midterm exam in entrep 101. But nevertheless, I still got a special exam. Saved! (I got a hangover actually).

More blessings to my friend, Kareen, who was the birthday girl that day. :)

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