Sunday, June 5, 2016

Being on Top in Search Engines

When you are surfing the internet or trying to find something on the web, you just simply type a word in the textbox of and click search. In just a millisecond, a list of related websites is displayed relevant to the thing you are searching for. You just click on the links found at the top of the page because you feel that these links have greater relevance of your search than the ones who are found at the bottom or at the next page of Google’s results. Little did you know that the results produced by Google is ranked using PageRank. The more relevant pages a website has, the greater its chance to top the list of the Search Engine Result page or SERP.

PageRank is a term used by Google’s view on the importance of a certain page of a website. It is not only used by Google alone but also to other major search engines today like Yahoo and MSN. Each of these search engines has their own searching algorithms but relatively they have similarities in ranking websites in the World Wide Web. PageRank makes use of a website’s links, more specifically the inbound links which are the links of a website found on other websites. Websites that are found on the top of search engine results page are most likely the ones who have high PageRanks.

Search engines today don’t just base a website’s importance only on PageRank but also on the quantity of users or visitors a website is receiving every day. User traffic on the web has been given high consideration by search engines. The more popular a website is, the higher its rank on the search results page. Also, older websites who are still online for a very long time have a higher chance to be on top. Younger websites are still blooming and are still on the competition for gaining higher ranks in major search engines. The overall web design of a website also contributes to its PageRank.

In the field of marketing, websites owned by business companies develop a new brand of web development technique called Search Engine Optimization. It specializes on optimizing a website’s overall “attractiveness” to major search engines particularly Google. Through this, a company’s online website will attract more users, making them customers in the long run, and creating a more competitive marketplace on the web.

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