Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Last Magical Shot of LeBron

Game 2 of the Eastern Semi-finals game at Cleveland - it's 4th quarter and the Magic leads with a score of 95-93. With only a second to go before the game ends and the Cavs has the possession of the ball. Inbound pass to LebRon James with the flying hand of Hedo Turkuglo and Rashard Lewis toward him. LebRon is positioned at the middle 3-point lane, determined to take a game-breaking 3-point shot. He puts up the shot at the buzzer and made it.

The whole Quicken Loans Arena has gone loud with fans cheering for 96-95 victory of the Cleveland Cavaliers over the Orlando Magic. The Cavs and Magic have tied 1-1 in the playoffs series. The Cavs had a hard time defending their homecourt in a series of two games against the Magic. The whole team did not expect of the many struggles they encountered in the court. It was a miracle shot for the Cavs. James' 3-point clutch was indeed a game-breaking shot. The Magic was confident to win the game with only a second to go. But they forgot to tightly defend the superstar.

Now the Magic will be defending their homecourt at Amway Arena in Game 3 of the Eastern Semi-finals. But the Cavs are more focused after that morale-boosting Game 2. Now, who will be bringing the name of the Eastern Conference in the NBA 2009 Finals?

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