Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nuggets @ Lakers

The L.A. Lakers just successfully defended their home court from the raging Denver Nuggets with the score 105-103. That was a close fight game. Carmelo scored a career-high 39 points while Kobe with 40 points. The Nuggets did an outstanding team play every minute of the semi-final game. Billups did play-safe assists to his teammates. Inside scoring of the Nuggets was lead by Martin and Nene. Both were outstanding in the game. Carmelo Anthony made many 3-point shots as wells graceful dunks and layups to the hoop but Kobe Bryant countered it driving layups, dunks and jump shots. The Lakers did their best in "D" and also in the offensive plays. Pau Gasol contributed also to the overall scoring in the paint. Nevertheless, the Denver Nuggets still have a greater chance to win the 2009 NBA Finals.

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