Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Low response to alcohol means higher risks to alcoholism

We can say that a person is alcoholic if he is into alcohol addiction or alcoholism. Heavy drinkers are considered as alcoholics because they tend to drink more and get addicted to it. Recently, there has been a study in the US about the main cause of alcohol-use disorders or AUD, as what health experts have termed this. They have found out that a person who has low response or LR to alcohol has higher risks to AUD or to alcohol addiction.
Health experts also point out that teenage alcoholism develops when the person has low LR in the early stage of drinking. Teenagers who have low LR tend to go in peers making them more conducive and receptive to the sensations of alcohol. This must be warning to all fathers whose sons are into heavy alcoholic drinking. They must have identified themselves whether they have low LR in their teenage days for low LR to alcohol comes in the bloodline. LR is genetically influenced, meaning they can be passed on through genes. You can easily determine a person who has low LR. He has little reaction in drinking alcohol meaning he doesn’t get easily drunk. But in a long term consequence, he suffers alcoholism gradually in his life.
Similar to drug addiction or drug abuse, alcoholism also has a lot of predictable negative effects. They can make a person both emotionally and socially disturbed. There are also many health risks involved in alcoholism and one of it is the development of liver-related diseases like cirrhosis and ulcer which are very critical ones. Alcoholism can also lead to the development of liver cancer cells which can eventually lead to death.

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