Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Marley and Me

You guys out there who are dog-lovers, this movie is a must-see for you. Maley, a labrador retriever, behaves wildly here and the owners John and Jenniffer Grogan (Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston) still love him. He is just one tough dog. He is not like other dogs who has the time to sit and behave nicely. Marley is a hyper dog who recklessly moves around the house and never stops until you make him stop. Even the dog trainer in the movie surrendered! Nevertheless, he is still the best dog John and Jennifer could ever have. Even when John and Jen is busy in their jobs and eventually made kids, Marley is still there. He is being treated as a brother of John and Jen's three kids. During thick and thins, ups and downs of their life, Marley is stiill a part of them. He served as the first child of John and Jen when they got married. This movie has a sad ending. Thumbs-up for this movie!

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