Friday, June 5, 2009

Nelson’s comeback in Game 1 Finals

Orlando Magic’s head coach Stan Van Gundy was not really impressed on Jameer Nelson’s performance in Game 1 of the NBA finals against the Los Angeles Lakers. Nelson scored only 6 from 3-of-9 field goal attempts. He played well in the second quarter but he struggled later in the second half of the game. Nelson made nice assists to Gortat’s dunk and Lewis’s 3-point shot. He also scored a jumper and fed Courtney Lee for a driving layup, giving the Magic a 33-28 lead in the second quarter.
The whole Magic team doesn’t have much to say about Nelson. He greatly contributed during their 2-0 victory against the Lakers during the season. He averaged 27.5 points in the two games. He’s one of the key players added to Magic’s lineup. Until he suffered a shoulder injury, Alston was grabbed by the Magic closely before the playoffs have started. Weeks later after recovering from a surgery, Nelson has already been playing with the team during practice sessions in the playoffs. The team’s management has done a great job in Nelson’s fast recovery. Their overall effort and workout for him somehow paid off since he was expected to recover fully in August but now it was earlier from the expected date.
Nelson’s performance in game 1 did not make Stan van Gundy think negatively of his team. He is still determined that they will make it to the finals. The LA Lakers scored 100-75 against the Orlando Magic in game 1 giving them a 1-0 lead in the finals series.

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