Sunday, September 10, 2017

Overeating treatment revealed

Overeating or binge eating is a serious problem for many people. It can lead to obesity which is not healthy and can be dangerous because of long term health hazards like diabetes and high-blood pressure. But researchers in the National Academy of Sciences in the US have found out that overeating is comparable to drug abuse or addiction. They have studied that “addiction to eating” can be treated similarly to drug addiction treatment.
The researchers from New York have tested seven overweight persons and have put in them a device called implantable gastric simulator or IGS. The weight-reduction device is capable of sending electronic signals to the brain making a person to stop eating. When the volunteers started to feel full, the IGS worked perfectly and the volunteers hesitated to eat more. The test that was conducted gave scientists a hint that overeating can be prevented similarly as drug addiction can be prevented. They found out that a certain part of the human brain that is responsible for sending “addiction” signals to the body is the one who ignites a person to crave for eating as well as to crave for drugs.

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